Who We Are

Coolum Cricket Club was originally known as the North Shore Cricket Club prior to registering with the Sunshine Coast Cricket Association (SCCA) in 1991/92.

The North Shore team resulted from the amalgamation of social teams from Pacific Paradise Bowls Club, Surfair and Coolum Hotels. The Coolum Hotel had three social teams that played against each other in ‘State of Origin’ teams; QLD, TAS and The Rest of the World. On Sundays, drums were rolled out into the middle of Birtwill Street, and use as stumps. The losing team shouted the other teams a keg of beer at the end of a very enjoyable day.

These Coolum social teams provided the players who originally played 6th grade with North Shore in 1986/87. They played for a few years and eventually won their first title in 1990/91. By this time the North Shore team was dominated by players from Coolum, so it was suggested that the club change its name to Cool Cricket Club.

In 1991/92 the Cool Cricket Club officially registered with the Sunshine Coast Cricket Association. The club nominated one senior team and one under 12’s junior team. The club won a Division 6 premiership in its foundation year, and Dallas Walker took out the batting average with 61.8 runs.

For the next ten seasons Coolum CC continued to train and play out of the Coolum Primary School, bringing home six hard earned titles as well as playing some very enjoyable games of cricket. In 2002/03, after receiving government grants, construction of a new playing surface and clubhouse facility was completed and Coolum CC, along with Coolum Junior Rugby Leagues Club moved into new premises at the Coolum Sporting Complex.

Since then the club has grown to now field four competitive senior teams in the men’s division, including our first Division 1 team in 2021.  Equally, 2021 produced our first women’s team entering and winning the Division 2 competitions.  The junior teams have flourished recently from U/10’s to U/16’s with 10 junior teams playing in the 2021 season.  The younger Master Blasters populate the oval on Friday nights with many boys and girls enjoying the modified games. 

Recent improvements, such as new lighting in the practice nets and a first-class turf pitch enabling Coolum to host many top-quality matches.

As told by Charlie Caulfield (Life Member) in 2007.

Who We Are

Trying to explain/understand CRICKET to someone who has never played is like trying to explain Quidditch to someone who has never seen a Harry Potter movie! Many parents (like me) are faced with this every summer, when their kid comes home and announces so very passionately that they desperately want to play CRICKET for Australia cause their mate down the road is in the know on all levels of exactly how to achieve this dream.

As a dutiful, loving and loyal parent you are never ever going to deny your offspring such a fantastic opportunity. Maybe the kid might be onto something and you can start planning your comfortable (maybe even early) retirement or perhaps celebrate the fame, fortune & lifestyle vicariously through your kid (because you never got this opportunity at their age)… or it may be as simple as the multiple footy code Australian winter season is over and you need to get them into a summer sport.

Some of us are not into the barefoot athletics, (swimming, surfing, nippers, water polo), skateboarding has way too many medical scenarios and the idea of family bush-walks/picnics in the heat & dealing with the world’s most venomous creatures does not always appeal. Sure, there are multiple other Aussie summer sports out there but apart from tennis none quite has the same following like CRICKET. For those parents/guardians/grandparents that have grown up with the game – it will be quite natural to commence the summer CRICKET season.

For those of us that don’t even know the first thing about CRICKET….. AAAIIIEEE… HELP! Sign up online with COOLUM CRICKET CLUB.

Aside from the integral players… we also recruit: caring coaches, magnificent team managers, succinct scorers, passionate photographers, justifiable journalists, crucial canteen culinary. And if you have the skills…the comp is always looking for ultimate umpires.